What concerns you about your credit?

In a world of technology and trust, credit is quickly becoming of major concern to everyone around the world. Credit affects your purchase power, employment opportunities, promotions, home ownership, rental ability and so much more.

Wondering how a credit score is calculated?
10% is the mix or type of credit you have. This includes retail cards, major credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgages, etc.
10% is new credit. New credit does affect your scores, but very little impact.
15% Length of credit history. The older your existing account is with a positive payment history, the more it helps your credit scores.
30% is the amount of debt you have. The closer you are to your credit limit, your scores start to decline.
35% is payment history. When you have a late payment, even just one month, it greatly affects your scores.

Once you understand how credit scores are affected, you are able to make better decisions in the future.